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Intelligent, predictive fault tolerance with 99.99999% uptime.

Stratus ztC Endurance provides continuous availability and data integrity for mission-critical applications with its seven nines uptime, proactive health monitoring, and automated management.

It features a modular design, hot-swappable components, and easy-to-use management interfaces. These simplify both deployment and ongoing management, making it accessible even for teams with limited IT resources.

Yes, it can host numerous applications as virtual machines, dramatically reducing the number of PCs or servers required for management and maintenance.

Stratus ztC Endurance employs a multi-layered security approach, focusing on both process and product security guidelines, ensuring maximum protection of your data and applications.

The expected lifespan of Stratus ztC Endurance systems is 7-10 years, which is about twice that of traditional servers, providing a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

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Stratus Technologies ztC Endurance

Experience uninterrupted performance and peace of mind with Stratus ztC Endurance. Our solutions are engineered to prevent downtime and protect data, ensuring your critical systems are always running and resilient against disruptions. 

Stratus provides a foundation for continuous application availability. Stratus ztC Endurance offers simplified, automated management and serviceability, designed for the most demanding IT and OT environments.

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