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SEAL by Star Storage – Transforming Digital Content Management

SEAL is a next-generation content services platform by Star Storage, ideal for businesses seeking efficient management of their unstructured digital content, including documents, emails, and multimedia files.

SEAL's AI-driven document processing automates the capture, classification, and metadata extraction of documents, significantly improving efficiency and accuracy in handling large volumes of data.

Absolutely! SEAL is an open platform with multiple integrations, including SAP, Salesforce, SharePoint, and Office. Its advanced APIs allow for seamless connectivity with a wide range of external applications.

SEAL's Enterprise Records Management system offers robust features like retention management and advanced audit capabilities, supporting compliance with regulatory standards and reducing risk.

SEAL stands out due to its low-code architecture, AI-powered processing, and comprehensive features covering intelligent content management, enterprise records management, and digital process automation, all within a user-friendly interface.

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SEAL by star storage

SEAL from Star Storage is a next-generation, low-code content services and automation platform, designed to revolutionize the management of unstructured content. Its metadata-driven architecture, built for scalability and availability, is ideal for enhancing efficiency, compliance, and automation across all digital content forms.

Overview Services

  • AI-Powered Document Processing

    Advanced capture, classification, and metadata extraction streamline document handling.

  • Intelligent Content Management

    Enhance user productivity with comprehensive management features, including flexible metadata and security options.

  • Enterprise Records Management

    Supports robust compliance and risk management with advanced auditing and controlled document disposal.

  • Hybrid Archives Management

    Seamlessly manage both paper and electronic archives through a unified interface.

  • Low-Code Digital Process Automation

    Automate workflows and tasks with smart, metadata-driven processes.

  • Electronic Signatures and e-Archive

    Facilitate end-to-end paperless operations with comprehensive lifecycle management.

  • Digital Mailroom

    Efficiently process both digital and paper-based documents for fast, automated handling.

  • Open Platform Integration:

    Easily integrate with enterprise applications like SAP, Salesforce, and SharePoint, leveraging extensive APIs.

SEAL by Star Storage is not just a solution, it’s a strategic choice for us at Data Matters. We chose to implement SEAL in our services because of its efficiency in managing unstructured content, from documents to multimedia. Its AI-powered capabilities, combined with a comprehensive suite of content management tools, align with our mission to deliver innovative, efficient, and compliant data solutions. SEAL empowers our clients to harness the full potential of their digital content, ensuring productivity, compliance, and risk management are at the forefront of their operations automation across all digital content forms.

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