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Quantum Tape Libraries offer maximized protection against ransomware with 3 levels of protection:

Active Vault; exports cartridges to a partition in the library that is not visible for applications and users apart from the library GUI.

Logical tape block: puts a logical block on specific tape cartridges not allowing the robot picker to load a cartridge in a drive until the magazine is physically removed and re-inserted by an operator

Ransom Block; automatically ejects the magazine a little bit out of reach of the robot until an operator physically insert the magazine back again but keeping it inside of the (air)conditioned datacentre.

LTO tape offers 15-30 years of archival storage, enhanced by Quantum's EDLM (Extended Data Lifecycle Management) feature, which ensures data remains readable through automated health checks and email alerts for potential issues.

Additionally, the iLayer software proactively monitors the library's environment (temperature, humidity, voltage) and provides diagnostics, detecting and alerting on any degraded conditions to minimize downtime and enhance management. Advanced Reporting further maximizes efficiency with detailed reports and alerts.

Scalar tape libraries are very secure. To achieve this, Scalar uses the following features of which some are unique to Quantum:

Multi Factor Authentication for logging in on the library GUI.

Role Based Access Control to limit user access to specific partitions or functions.

IP restriction to limit the IP-addresses that can access the library GUI.

Login lockouts and inactivity timers to prevent abuse.

AES 256-Bit Encryption

FIPS Validated Encryption Key Management

Quantum utilizes AES 256-bit encryption, offering military-grade security to safeguard data against unauthorized access.

There is no storage solution greener than tape.

A tape, holding between 18 TB and 35 TB consumes no energy and produces no heat for all the time data is not written to it or read from it.

Imagine you have 100 TB’s stored on 4 cartridges, they do not require any power or cooling, up to years of use.

100TB @ 0 BTU, 0 Watt. But also 1.000 TB at 0 BTU and 0 Watts if you keep that amount of data.

The current market price for an LTO9 cartridge is approximately €100.

The setup also requires a tape drive and a library, whose necessity varies based on desired performance and capacity.

For instance, a Scalar i3 library can accommodate 50 tapes, each with 18-45 TB capacity, within a 3U rack space. This setup incurs the cost of 50 cartridges plus the library and drive expenses.

Additionally, the library can be expanded to 400 slots with three expansion modules and additional cartridges, or alternative libraries can accommodate up to 14,100 cartridges, offering scalable storage solutions.

Definitely, Scalar libraries range from small setups with 1 drive and 25 slots to large configurations with up to 192 drives and 14,100 slots, facilitating scalable and cost-effective storage solutions that can expand into petabytes.

A key benefit of tape storage is its portability and compatibility across different generations, allowing for seamless migration and expansion within the same library, such as integrating LTO8, LTO9, and upcoming LTO10 drives.

This flexibility supports automatic capacity expansion without needing to replace the existing infrastructure.

Additionally, tape libraries enable easy data transfer between data centers, offering long-term storage solutions that can adapt to future needs.

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Why we are a Quantum Partner

At Data Matters, our partnership with Quantum is grounded in our commitment to providing our clients with the most secure and reliable data storage solutions. Quantum’s innovative tape libraries offer unparalleled protection against ransomware, ensuring data safety and integrity. Their advanced encryption and proactive health monitoring align with our mission to deliver top-tier, resilient data management services. 

Quantum’s emphasis on data longevity and fortified security perfectly complements our dedication to delivering cutting-edge data solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients. This partnership underscores our promise to offer the best in data security and management.

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