Quantum - Preserve and protect your valued data

Trusted storage solutions with Quantum—secure, scalable, and engineered for your data-driven success.

Quantum Tape Libraries use air-gapping technology, creating a physical barrier that prevents ransomware from accessing stored data.

Through automated integrity checks and extended data life management, Quantum Tape Libraries maintain and report on data health proactively.

They offer multi-layer authentication, including time-based one-time passwords, for enhanced data security.

Quantum utilizes AES 256-bit encryption, offering military-grade security to safeguard data against unauthorized access.

Quantum employs cloud-based analytics and real-time monitoring to predict and prevent potential system issues, ensuring continuous operation.

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Why we are a Quantum Partner

At Data Matters, our partnership with Quantum is grounded in our commitment to providing our clients with the most secure and reliable data storage solutions. Quantum’s innovative tape libraries offer unparalleled protection against ransomware, ensuring data safety and integrity. Their advanced encryption and proactive health monitoring align with our mission to deliver top-tier, resilient data management services. 

Quantum’s emphasis on data longevity and fortified security perfectly complements our dedication to delivering cutting-edge data solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients. This partnership underscores our promise to offer the best in data security and management.

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