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SIM-on's functionalies are based on real life user stories. This ensures a natural workflow for the dedicated end-user. SIM-on is based on open source and is supported by a large development community. 

Centralizing your data and creating natural workflows makes your business processes more efficient, saving you time, which you can spend on adding more value to your customers.

The interface is made to be understood naturally by the end-user. We tailor the interface to the existing workflows of our customer.

SIM-on is built with robust security at its core, meeting stringent standards to protect your data. It features content encryption both at-rest and in transit, access control mechanisms to manage user permissions, and data storage redundancy coupled with virus protection to safeguard your information. Furthermore, SIM-on ensures data separation for each tenant, maintaining individual data integrity and privacy, all underpinned by comprehensive auditing capabilities to monitor and record system activities for enhanced security compliance.

SIM-on is source independent, we can process unstructured data, data from the cloud, legacy data, databases and more, without causing performance issues in other applications.

SIM-on is for any organization which needs to preserve their data for long periods of time, while still being accessible. 

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The software application for all your data needs

Sim-On offers unparalleled flexibility in data integration, ensuring seamless connection with any data source without impacting your existing business processes. Our system adapts to your workflow, delivering an agile solution that doesn’t dictate but collaborates.

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SIM-on is characterized by 5 S’s, all have their role and interplay in the full package that SIM-on offers. 

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