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SIM-on is the next generation in sustainable management of inactive data needs. It consists of digital repositories tailored to specific user needs to support automated data archiving.

SIM-on Digital Repository: Your Comprehensive Data Archiving Solution

Unlock the full potential of your data with SIM-on Digital Repository. Our modular and secure system centralizes your inactive data, ensuring it remains accessible and protected while complying with applicable retention rules. Built on open-source technology, SIM-on offers scalable solutions that grow with your business needs. Discover how SIM-on can enhance your data management workflow today.

SIM-on Public: Tailored E-depot for the Public Sector

SIM-on Public is a refined e-depot solution designed to meet the unique demands of the public sector. Secure, compliant, and user-friendly, it ensures the preservation and easy retrieval of critical data. SIM-on Public ensures full compliance to the applicable protection laws and standards. Optimize your data management processes with a system that adapts to your organization’s requirements.

SIM-on Care: Optimized Data Management for Healthcare

Enhance patient care and operational efficiency with SIM-on Care. This application offers secure and GDPR compliant management of medical records and health data. It ensures easy access and seamless integration with existing healthcare systems, enabling better data-driven decisions and improved patient outcomes. While ensuring the protection of sensitive patient data.

SIM-on Connect: Seamless Data Integration and Collaboration

Experience hassle-free and secure data access with SIM-on Access. This module is designed to streamline the retrieval of important data, ensuring it is always available when needed. With advanced authentication and user-friendly interface, SIM-on Access enhances efficiency and security for your organization.

SIM-on Access: Search, find, filter and share

Facilitate seamless data integration and collaboration across your organization with SIM-on Connect. This application ensures that data from various sources can be easily collected, analyzed, and shared, promoting better teamwork and informed decision-making. Strengthen your data connectivity with SIM-on Connect.

SIM-on Custom: Tailored Data Solutions for Unique Business Needs

Get customized data management solutions with SIM-on Custom. Designed to adapt to the specific requirements of your business, this application provides flexible and scalable options to manage and secure your data efficiently. Empower your organization with a data management system that truly fits your needs.

Advanced Data Security with Trusted Technology

Protect your data with SIM-on’s advanced security features, including modern authentication, GDPR compliance, and automatic recovery capabilities. Utilizing trusted encryption and cybersecurity measures, SIM-on ensures confidentiality and integrity of your data.

Tailored Workflows for Enhanced Efficiency

Optimize your business processes with SIM-on’s customizable workflows. Our system adapts to your specific needs, integrating seamlessly with your existing operations. Improve productivity and efficiency with workflows designed to fit your unique requirements, allowing for better resource management and decision-making. 

Sustainable and Flexible Access to Historical Data

Access your historical data effortlessly with SIM-on’s flexible and sustainable system. Our platform supports long-term data preservation, utilizing green data centers to reduce energy consumption. Efficiently retrieve and manage your data with a user-friendly interface, ensuring data remains organized and accessible for years to come.

Intelligent Search Systems for Efficient Data Retrieval

Enhance your inactive data management with SIM-on’s intelligent search systems. Our advanced search algorithms allow for quick and accurate filtering and interpretation of information, improving productivity and decision-making. Easily locate the data you need with our user-friendly and efficient search tools.

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