Our Team

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Behind the scenes

The success of Data Matters over the past 22 years can be attributed not only to knowledge, practical experience, strong partners, and technology, but especially to the way the team collaborates – with each other, with partners, and with clients.

Trust built on knowledge and experience

The success of a project depends on several factors, but good collaboration with the involved parties forms the foundation. In addition to knowledge about processes, technology, and implementations, communication, transparency, planning, and a multidisciplinary approach are essential for a successfully executed project. These aspects are present not only within the Data Matters team but also among partners and clients. With good collaboration, all expertise is optimally utilized, resulting in a successful project.

Trust built on knowledge and experience

Data Matters operates from a flexible and informal structure where a good balance between work and personal life is central. Working from home offices and flexible workspaces, equal relationships in the team, joint leisure activities, personal development opportunities, and team-building activities with partners contribute to this.

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