Take A Deep Dive into SIM-on

Take A Deep Dive into SIM-on
Disk & Database Cloud Data Legacy Data Singular Migration Continuous Integration Migration Process

Disk & Database

Data can be stored anywhere nowadays, with SIM-on it does not matter where your data is, we will be able to migrate and ingest it into our storage space to store securely for long periods of time.

Cloud Data

Cloud storage has quickly become the main method of storage for digital data, we can connect with any cloud source to migrate and ingest any important data which needs to be stored for longer periods of time while still being accessible.

Legacy Data

Rapid technological advancement comes with often replacing old applications or systems to make place for more efficient solutions. However these applications often still have important data stored in them. With SIM-on we are able to store your legacy data to ensure nothing important gets lost in the technological developments of your business.

Singular Migration

SIM-on allows for singular migration tasks, therefore it can be used as a tool to solve certain data issues your organization might face.

Continuous Integration

If your operation requires the routined migration and ingestion of valuable inactive data into a secure archive environment SIM-on can be integrated with your business applications to ensure automated and secure archiving of data with long term storage needs.

Migration Process