Revolutionizing Resilience: Stratus’s Advanced System for Sustainable, High-Performance Operations

Data Matters

Data Matters

Welcome to the future of sustainable operations, where we’ve engineered a solution that doesn’t compromise on computing performance, serviceability, or manageability. It’s designed to meet your current needs and is ready to adapt to your future ones.

In any market, the loss of information often means stopping a process – costing you money and your reputation.

For example, in the manufacturing industry; a beer brewery where Stratus ensures that information and control systems regarding the brewing process remain up and running. More about this particular case in the video below.

Another example is the security market, in this market availability of your Video Management System is of great importance; If you can’t prove what happened in the event of a calamity, it is very difficult to explain it to the museum’s management if a medieval painting has been stolen. (Learn more about Availability in Security)

Dogfish Head Brewery Case Video

What's under the hood?

The system is equipped with an intelligent, predictive fault tolerance feature, the Stratus Automated Uptime Layer with Smart Exchange™. This advanced technology tracks and targets a wide array of potential failure points, taking automatic corrective actions before they can impact your operations.

We understand the importance of data integrity and the cost of downtime. That’s why our system offers seven nines (99.99999%) availability, ensuring continuous operation and protection against loss of in-flight application data.

Management has never been easier. Our system presents a single image, underpinned by built-in redundancy that is transparent to operating systems and applications. With remote monitoring capabilities and management APIs, you can easily support the system using your existing IT tools.

Our system is not just robust; it’s also highly serviceable. The redundant, modular architecture is engineered for easy serviceability. It features four pairs of customer replaceable units (CRUs) – compute, I/O, power supply unit, and storage – that can be hot-swapped by your OT or IT staff without the need for specialized expertise or tools.

And let’s not forget about performance. Our system is powered by the latest technology – from 4th generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors to high-speed NVMe drives, fast Gen 4 PCIe I/O, and resilient, high-performance DDR5 memory. This ensures blazing fast performance on top of the industry’s best fault tolerance. Welcome to the future of computing!

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