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Strongroom Anywhere

Strongroom Anywhere

Modernising File Services to Improve Productivity, Cybersecurity, and Legal Compliance with Strongroom Anywhere

Strongroom Anywhere – based on HCP and HCP Anywhere of Hitachi Vantara – extends the boundaries of the digital workplace to deliver sync-based file services at the edge of a network. Strongroom Anywhere allows organisations to replace traditional file servers with cloud file storage or cloud home directories. It extends file-sharing data services from core data centers to remote and branch offices and end-user devices.

Its key feature fits perfectly into today’s decentralized work environment where more people work from home than ever before – a situation that will most likely continue beyond COVID-19.”

The advanced solution improves both collaboration and productivity, and enhances the protection of corporate data against device failure, user error and attacks such as ransomware. Strongroom Anywhere includes the following main functionalities:

  • Cloud file services: Strongroom Anywhere file services bring the innovative sync technology for user devices to remote and branch offices. Strongroom Anywhere is a cloud storage gateway option that helps to right-size and consolidates file servers at the edge by keeping only active data in local storage while allowing easy access to large amounts of data from the private or hybrid cloud in customers’ data centers.
  • Native Microsoft Windows compatibility: Strongroom Anywhere file services natively support Microsoft Windows SMB 2 and 3 to reduce management overhead and eliminate the complexity of integrating, updating, testing and supporting the latest Microsoft Windows updates.
  • File data protection: Strongroom Anywhere provides advanced data protection and easy recovery from user error, device failures and cyberattacks like ransomware, while eliminating the need for traditional backups. At the same time, it simplifies and centralises data protection and management for multiple-user and edge devices from a single point of management. 
  • Privacy Data Regulatory Compliance: Deploying Strongroom Anywhere in conjunction with strong encryption technologies supports the organisation with achieving Genera Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance and reduces data breach risks, and other major digital threats at the same time.

Added-Value Services
As a truly added-value service provider with over 20 years of experience, Data Matters explicitly supports its customers wider than many other providers at the implementation of IT projects, such as with pre-conditional expertise in data science and data and technology law.

Executive Legal Briefings
This is also evident from the unique Executive Legal Briefings Series that provide management of organisations with insight into essential legal frameworks. Think of teleworking, privacy and the processing of personal data and, for example, cloud computing law. The offered need-to-know information fulfils a dual role, namely as a necessary background for C-level executives to gain understanding in digital law frameworks, and as tools for testing the organisation’s own policies.

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Please contact Data Matters for more information or an obligation-free quotation of the Strongroom Anywhere proposition, a complimentary subscription of the Executive Legal Briefings Series, and additional information of Data Matters’ pre-conditional expertise.