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Storage as a service (STaaS), the next big “as-a-service” trend, promises to deliver the best of both worlds—balancing the flexibility and agility of the cloud with the security and compliance benefits of having the storage systems in the data center.

STaaS enables organizations to scale capacity up and down at will depending on their needs. This is what is known as consumption-based pricing (CBP) and it enables costs to be directly aligned with business use. And, because STaaS is physical storage in the data center, the data remains behind the company’s firewall, dedicated to the organization, and tailored to its specific application and business requirements.

While savings from CBP can be a primary motivator behind a shift to STaaS, there are other advantages that emerge with use. For example, the increased flexibility over conventional storage system purchasing is reported to be one of the most compelling advantages. Organizations using STaaS see the benefits of being able to deploy new applications, manage unpredictable resource usage and volatile capacity requirements with much greater ease and agility.

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