The Importance of Email Archiving: Navigating Threats and Ensuring Compliance

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E-mail has become one of the most frequently used communication tools for businesses over the last two decades. Not only to ask your colleagues when you are going out for lunch, but also for sending important pieces of business data. With increasingly more digital threats, the security of e-mail traffic is becoming increasingly more important.

Why should you archive your e-mail traffic?

Emails are documents, their content is the written recording of a fact, an opinion, or an agreement. They have legal value in principle, so their careful preservation is important for mitigating threats to your business. For governmental bodies, archiving is mandatory: emails too fall under the Archival Law and the Public Access Act. But non-governmental organizations should also think about what happens to their emails. Can you leave it to individual employees to decide what happens with them? How many emails are just thrown away? In many cases, there may be no concern, but what if a customer or a company suddenly presents an email from you to which unpleasant consequences are attached? If an email is forged, you could demonstrate this with your email archive. However, there are more reasons to consider email archiving. Through e-mail archiving, sometimes complicated decision-making can be reconstructed, especially now when more and more communication is digital.

The Solution

The technique for archiving email is not the problem, but choosing the right and most practical strategy is. Blindly trusting the employee might be too naïve; even the most reliable and loyal employee might forget to hit the archive button. But even if they do it properly, what happens to the messages? Do they stay in a personal folder? What happens to the attachments? Do the archived messages remain findable and readable? Is there timely and controlled destruction?

At Data Matters, we have been working on the safest and most efficient ways to archive data for years, with email traffic becoming increasingly important in recent years. With SIM-on, we can guarantee both safety and authenticity combined with ease. The source of the emails is not a problem; you can easily migrate and automatically destroy it when necessary, keeping your archive clean and up-to-date.

Are you obliged to archive your e-mail traffic? Or haven’t you started doing so at all? Fill in the form to receive all the information you need to secure your e-mail traffic with SIM-on.

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